Evolve Pack and Pladis (formerly United Biscuits) have been working in partnership for over 20 years, where originally Evolve supplied temporary labour as a traditional recruitment agency. Charging hourly rates and agency fees were the norm when it came to invoicing and if anything went wrong, if the machinery broke or there were inefficient staff, then Evolve Pack still got paid per hour per body regardless.

With the ever increasing national minimum wage, overall labour costs were crippling United Biscuits so they challenged our 12-year relationship with them to develop into something more; an alternative to the traditional agency model. Together we came up with the answer: We should provide a Managed Internal Packing Service (MIPS), have full accountability for our staff and only charge per case finished.

United Biscuits employed three senior staff for the packing department who were taken on by Evolve Pack so that our service was managed completely by us. This meant that should there be any problems, we would be held accountable, but more importantly, that we would have full transparency over the packing department in order to avoid issues in the first place. Overnight United Biscuits went from paying three significant wages, to not having that overhead while still receiving the same level of service as before.

By changing from charging hourly to charging by the case, our customer was able to accurately calculate the cost of packing their products. Whereas before the price of packing was influenced by factors such as downtime, inefficient staff, machine faults, line speed, suddenly none of this was of concern to United Biscuits. These problems were no longer their problems, they were our problems, and all that they had to do was provide the forecast and pay their invoice.

After 5 years of providing this service at their Ashby-De-La-Zouch warehouse, which has space for no fewer than 60,000 pallets, Evolve Pack are saving the group seven figure sums on labour, transport and agency fees. Based in the heart of the distribution centre, Evolve Pack’s staff perform a variety of tasks; from flow wrapping and cartoning biscuits and other snacks, to assembling end-of-aisle displays for the retailers. Evolve Pack are proud to be responsible for packing some 18-million+ cases per year. In 2012 we realized this was what we did best, and stopped being a staffing agency to concentrate on the successful MIPS operations where “you only pay for what you get”.

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