Our Shrink Wrapping Service

Do you have a product that you need to keep clean, safe and secure? Evolve pack have the solution with shrink wrapping.

A contract packing service, shrink wrapping is a flexible plastic film that when exposed to a heating process, will shrink around a product. This is most commonly used for transporting goods as it keeps the product clean and secure during transit, is also used for collating small products like cans and drink bottles.

At Evolve Pack we offer a bespoke shrink wrapping service that also enables us to use different thicknesses of film. Higher quality display films can be used to enhance the look of a product such as video games and tablets.

As part of our shrink wrapping service Evolve pack also offer Heat Sealing and L-Sealing. Heat Sealing is a manual process which enables us to seal along the top or bottom – or both – of a poly bag when bagging products in multiples, an example of this is sweets. Our L-Sealer is ideal for shrink wrapping items with rigid, straight edges such as brochures, DVD boxes, and CDs

With all of our contract packing services, we have the facilities to be flexible to your business needs and also have the skills and experience required to give you the reassurance that the job will be completed in a professional manner.

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